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Canvas Opinion

It often surprises people to learn that I have none of my own photos on my wall home. The nearest I have is two wonderful paintings based on my images by Steffen Imhof and a great piece by the talented Ian Cook aka PopBangColour created in his unique style from a photo of mine.

The truth is, although I find it hard to pick one to put on display on the wall, I am hugely critical of my own work. Even when I have picked a selection of images I like, the longer I look at them, the more I can find fault in them. The more I find fault in them the more it irritates me. Even if it’s just a small thing in the background that isn’t quite right, then once I have spotted it, then that will be all I can see in the photo.

So when the offer arose of having one of my images put on to canvas and with the recent acquisition of a new house meaning more walls to decorate, I was hardly going to refuse. Having photos printed to canvas has become very popular in recent years and it is easy to see why. It is a great way to display images and they have a smart modern feel that everyone seems to like.

Finally I have some of my own work to put up on my wall in the form of this fantastic canvas from

Finally I have some of my own work to put up on my wall in the form of this fantastic canvas from

Canvas Design is a family run company with 10 years of experience in printing and framing. They offer a range of canvas sizes from six inches all the way up to a huge 72 inches and starting from just £5.99. A choice of options and free services such as image enhancement, red eye removal and free delivery, underline Canvas Designs value for money. The website is easy to use and service is pain free. In fact the hardest thing you’ll need to do is, like me, choosing the photo you want printed. In fact, I think it took longer for me to chose the image than it did to have it printed and delivered.

I had sent my image off on Sunday evening and by Wednesday morning my huge 40” by 26” canvas had been delivered. To say I’m pleased with it is an understatement. It looks amazing. The quality is great, printed on 100% cotton and hand stretched on a 38mm pine frame, I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m really looking forward hanging it up in my new home and hopefully others will appreciate it as much as me.

With great service and a quality product, I would definitely recommend Canvas Design to all my friends and family. What’s more, they are offering you an extra 15% off all orders with the discount code BLOG15 So go and check out their websites now at &


2013 Calendar

Every year I create a Calendar for my Dad as his Christmas present. I think he likes them which is just as well as this year will be no different and he will be getting another one. An A3 poster Calendar with some of my photos I have taken during the season.

Last year I had two printed and gave one to a good friend of mine. I think he liked it too. I took to social media to help try and decide on the design of the calendar and some people asked if I was going to sell them. This wasn’t my intention but it did make me wonder if it was a possibility. I didn’t produce any more than the two I did and left it at that.

A sample of the 2012 Calendar I did for my Dad.

This year I have taken to twitter again with a first draft for the 2013 calendar and feedback seems to be quite good. A number of people have stated they would like one. However I know showing an Interest is a lot different to actually buying one. Thoughts have been going through my head as to whether it is viable to actually get some printed to put on general sale.

Although, this does bring with it a number of issues. Getting calendars printed isn’t cheap. Unless of you buy in bulk. I don’t want to buy in bulk as I don’t want to be left with a box full of Calendars that I can’t sell. Also, how many people who say they are interested in buying one, but then don’t when it comes to parting with their money? So I can’t really judge how many I would need to get printed. I know I am not going to sell hundreds, but I don’t want to order too few and miss potential customers.

The 2013 Calendar could well look like this.

This leads on to other issues. Obviously I want to make a profit from the Calendars. So pricing becomes difficult. I know I am more than likely going to have to order in very small quantities on a ‘per order’ basis. This means the production costs will be quite high and therefore sales price will probably be around the £30 mark. Are people really going to pay that much for a calendar? Yes it would be an A3 sized calendar with a big picture on each page but when you can pick up calendars in a shop for less than a tenner, am I likely going to sell one for three times that price?

Another Issue I have is making it appealing. My dad seems pleased with the calendars I have done in the past but would they appeal to other people? I want this Calendar to be of GT and Sportscars as I feel this has been the body of my best work this season. A selection of images from British GT, World Endurance Championship, GT Open, FIA GT1, the Nurburgring 24 hour and possibly one or two Classics too. So how do I pick which ones to use? I have found it quite hard in previous years and quite time consuming.

I personally feel that my GT & Sportscars images are my best work this year.

So this leaves me with some kind of solution. I am throwing it open to you. I need feedback, and responses, Idea that may be of use and even help picking the final images you’d like to see in the Calendar if you were to want one. So get in touch, spread the word, share this with your petrolhead friends and others who may be interested. I’d love to hear from you and maybe I can make this a real possibility. But be quick. Time is running out.

You can see albums of images I have taken over the year  on my website gallery here or on the Chris Gurton Photography Facebook page here.

Thanks, Chris.