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The California T: Ferrari’s are back and now they are Turbocharged!

This year’s Geneva International Motor Show has been a hot topic of conversation, not least because of Apple’s latest lifestyle supplement ‘CarPlay’. But Ferrari have also been turning heads at the Swiss event, revealing the simply stunning California T, marking the return of turbocharged powertrains across their best-selling models.

The New Ferrari California T

The New Ferrari California T

Ferrari’s California collection is the company’s most adventurous series to date, and the elegant yet powerful T model offers over 550lb ft of torque as well as a massive direct-injection 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged V8. This equivalates to jaw-dropping acceleration, boasting a 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 196mph. Although these figures are marginal improvements compared to the previous California, they’re still improvements, and shouldn’t be sniffed at in an industry where every millisecond saved is celebrated.

The Turbo Revolution

Every element of the Ferrari California has been completely overhauled to produce an economical powerhouse in the T-model, whilst still effortlessly representing the company’s entry into the turbo revolution. Although you wouldn’t usually consider one day insurance for such a car, at £155,000 the California T is only a few pennies more than the old model, and what you get in return is staggering, not least the extra 230lb ft or torque. Thankfully the T has retained its predecessor’s duel personality offered by the folding hardtop roof, so drivers can still have the best coupe and convertible experience.

Ferrari love to utilise parts of their car history in new models, but with the California T the engine is brand new, shared with their sleek Italian counterparts Maserati but also heavily adapted. According to Ferrari engineers, the deafening soundtrack that accompanies the engine is the most exhilarating any turbo has ever produced. Bearing in mind that their last model to utilise a turbo was the F40 Hypercar in 1992, Ferrari really have come out of the shadows with the California T.

Style With Substance

The California T’s exterior has also been subject to a small redesign, with influence from the iconic Pininfarina. Not only has the front grille been remodelled to look more aggressive, but the headlights now ooze into the wings giving a more streamlined appearance. The aerodynamics have even been touched on with a new triple-fence rear diffuser, and Ferrari have also improved the handling with a new steering box and remodelled cockpit. With one foot in the past and the other firmly in the present, Ferrari can now look to the future of their turbo collection with the California T, with the new model going on sale this autumn with a free and unlimited range 7-year maintenance package.


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