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When is a luxury sports car manufacturer not a luxury sports car manufacturer? When it’s making SUVs that’s when. The Italian car giant Lamborghini have caused something of a stir by announcing that they will be returning to the SUV market for 2016/17 when they plan to launch their new Urus.

Image: Lamborghini

The New Lamborghini Urus

As eluded to in the opening paragraph this isn’t the first time that Lamborghini have taken the plunge in the SUV market. Back in the mid 1980s they launched the LM002, a V12 powered off-roader that was more super dune buggy than SUV, but still found favour in the Gulf States in particular.

Things have moved on a lot since 1986 though, the Berlin Wall has come down, the Channel Tunnel has been completed and the world of SUVs has changed dramatically. But despite the shift towards more comfortable and high-end SUVs the Urus, on release, will still be the only SUV on the market from a luxury sports car brand.

Unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show, the Lamborghini Urus is an angular, pointed SUV that from some angles looks not unlike a jacked-up tourer. With a front end that appears to be grimacing, it is the sort of car the bad-guy in a suburban family-chase movie would drive.

So why are Lamborghini considering the SUV market? The answer, as it did for their LM002 resides in the East, with demand for luxury SUVs high in the oil-rich Arabic states and newly wealthy countries of East Asia, particularly China. Big car and big name mean big money, and if Lamborghini can get the Ursus right they will inevitably sell well to those who like to be seen to be doing well.

The LM002 was not the most beautiful of Lamborghini's creations.

The LM002 was not the most beautiful of Lamborghini’s creations.

They will have their competitors though; Bentley have already dipped a toe in the SUV market and Porsche appear poised to tread a similar line in order to satisfy a burgeoning market. With the LM002 in their back catalogue though Lamborghini have an early advantage and look set to push forward with a powerful 4 litre twin-turbo V8 engine for the Ursus, with both hybrid and diesel editions available, brilliant for the economy minded driver who can get a good rate on their one day insurance.

Now expected in 2016 rather than the initially forecast 2017 the Ursus is slated to retail at a price between $150,000 and $200,000. As indicative figures go, that’s a ballpark in the mould of Dodger Stadium, so you might want to hold off going all out on that initial purchase and take out one day car insurance for a test drive first, to get an idea of what the Ursus can offer.


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