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The Lexus LF-NX Concept

As the World’s most populous metropolitan area unsurprisingly a lot happens in Tokyo. For one it is routinely attacked by a giant reptile emerging from the sea, and if they can fend him off once again they will host their second Summer Olympics in 2020. It’s no wonder Mini Viva left her heart in Tokyo, down by the river don’t you know.

Leaving aside terrible pop lyrics and terrible animatronics Tokyo is also the host city of one of the world’s biggest annual motor shows. In a country and city often at the heart of electronic and technological progress, the Tokyo Motor Show is always one for those seeking the latest innovations in motoring and low temporary car insurance. And 2013 has proved to be no exception with Lexus unveiling the new LF-NX at the show.

Image: Lexus

The new LF-NX will probably be an acquired taste.

The new Lexus is certainly, shall we say, eye-catching thanks to a front-end like something straight out of Mad Max. The huge jiggered angled front grille features a dramatic splitter at its base to make it look like the car is snarling in the rear view mirror of anyone who happens to find themselves in front of it.

But the Lexus LF-NX is much more than a fancy grille and brutal bodywork. For one the concept car has had something of a retune since its initial launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year.  Teeth have been added to that gaping front mouth in the form of a 2.0 litre turbo-charged engine, making it the first Lexus to be turbo-charged.

Image: Lexus

But from other angles the LF-NX is more aesthetically pleasing.

As you might expect from a modern concept car it is a hybrid with a small capacity electric motor partnering the turbo powertrain. It also has other features to help it become as eco-friendly as it can be, with the exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head enabling the LF-NX to lower its emissions. So whilst the power of the vehicle might ramp up the price of any daily insurance you may choose to take out for it, you can at least rest easy that you’re not polluting the atmosphere as much as you may have been.


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