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The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta; A Thing of Beauty

When we read about new cars, the reviews or write-ups usually only tread down one of two paths. Safety or speed. Two distinct types of reviews that submit to what the majority of people are looking for from their vehicle. We are either staid family people looking to ensure our loved ones are fully protected as we venture out onto the mean menacing streets of downtown Bury St. Edmunds. Or alternatively we are speed freaks, boy racers or mid-life crisis sufferers with a need for speed that can only be satisfied by words like torque and just how quickly we can get to 62mph.

Of course these factors are important, the former perhaps more so for the wider population of motorists, but why do we no longer look at cars for their beauty, for their aesthetics? Is it a symptom of modern cars or modern attitudes that makes us place practicality and power over sleek, smooth mechanical beauty? Perhaps it is our mind-set; beauty is a quality befitting the classics, modern cars are powerful technical boxes.

Image: Ferrari

The f12 Berlinetta

Thankfully, every now and again a car comes along whose beauty cannot be ignored, cannot be glossed over on the way to talking about horse-power and CO2 emissions. The F12 Berlinetta is such a vehicle, and naturally it is a Ferrari. The Italian manufacturer has always put an emphasis on creating beautiful cars, and the Berlinetta, designed by Pininfarina and Ferrari’s own in-house team is very much in-tune with the legacy of the prancing horse.

Sumptuous curves, sleek lines that are as friendly to aero-dynamics as they are to the eye; the F12 Berlinetta’s outstanding beauty has not gone unnoticed, with the car winning the 2012 Auto Bild Design Award. The aesthetics do not hinder performance either, the Berlinetta’s styled front-end not only looks great, but also does an important job too; creating the down-force needed to tame the beast; it may be a cliché, but it really does have curves in all the right places.

Beautiful things don’t come cheap, and the F12 Berlinetta is no exception to this rule. Not that a supercar from the top end of Ferrari’s stable would ever be considered as affordable to us mere mortals, but the Berlinetta will certainly be a car of desire rather than a car of the now. But experience it you must, so do whatever you need to do, take out one day car insurance and secure yourself a test drive as soon as possible. Cars like the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta don’t come around often, so its important we make the most of them when they do.


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