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Car Loan 4U Team Takes 2013 British Drift Championships

The sport of drift racing has been gaining more and more attention over the last few years, helped no doubt by the hugely popular Fast and Furious franchise.

Drifting is the sport of drift racing involves purposefully losing traction in the rear wheels, causing the car to go into a long skid, which the drivers control by literally steering into. A car is said to be drifting when the rear slip angle is greater than the front slip angle.

Image: Car Loan 4 U

The British Drift Championships is now in its sixth year and is now considered to be the highest level of competition held anywhere in Europe. With some of the world’s leading car manufacturers putting vehicles into the competition and with support from the likes of Cosworth, Samco and Lucas Oils, as well as main event sponsor Maxxis Tyres, the BDC has become an essential fixture on the British Motor sporting calendar.

And watching these guys racing these cars at death defying speeds, smoke billowing out from their rear tyres, it’s not hard to see where the appeal comes from. This is motor racing as edge-of-your-seat adrenaline sport, with drivers regularly maintaining what seems to be nothing more than a few inches between the car in front of them as they take bends without even seeming to slow down.

Image: Car Loan 4 U

The 22nd and 23rd of September saw the final round of the British Drift Championship take place in Knockhill Circuit in Dunfermline, with the Car Loan 4U team taking the team / constructors title in its first drifting season.

It’s not turning out to be a bad season for team Car Loan 4U driver, Matt Samuel either, who came first overall in the Semi Professional category, taking the title with a comfortable 30 point margin. Matt, who also won the Japfest DriftKings championship earlier in the year, will now move up to the Pro Class for 2014. The battle for second and third place in the semi pro was tighter though, with Matt Hitchcock taking second place with 60 points, with Luke Woodham taking third with 59 points.

In the pro class, Jay Green took the title with an 81 points, a seven point lead from second place Jay White on 74 points and third place Paul Cheshire on 72 points.

Image: Car Loan 4 U

The super pro class was a battle until the end with individual victories across the first four rounds going to different drivers. With no clear leader it was all to play for at the Knockhill circuit and in the end the silverware ended up in the hands of Team MnM’s Mike Marshall, who had remained consistent throughout the championship.

For a full breakdown of the leader boards visit the BDC website.

Author Bio:

Joe Cox writes for Car Loan 4U and is a regular blogger on cars, car finance, as well as all things fast and furious on four wheels.


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