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Smart Technology from Ford

Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate from computers to phones and everything in-between. But one area where technology is really coming on leaps and bounds is within the automotive industry. Although the principals of the car and driving remains unchanged, improved technology aims to enhance and improve the whole experience.

Ford are one car company leading the way in technological advances, improve safety and fuel economy which in an age of high fuel prices is high on the list of any drivers wish list. Their one litre Eco Boost engine has been critically acclaimed for its small size, fuel economy and low emissions without compromising power which performs just as well as a 1.6 litre engine.
Other clever advances Ford have produced include their Active park Assist system and the easy Access Door system which features on the new B-Max. But it doesn’t stop there. Ford have now produced Active City Stop. New technology that helps prevent collisions a low speed. The clever system detects if a vehicle in front has unexpectedly stopped while you are travelling at speeds of 19mph or below and automatically applies the brakes for you.
To showcase these and other clever innovations Ford have created, a new look website interface. Head over to where you can find a scrolling feature listing Ford‘s safe, smart and green technologies for you to experience for yourself. By selecting a feature you can learn more and see for yourself with videos showing their clever innovations. Want to see how multiple Ford Focus cars fitted with the new Active City Stop fare when a Lorry stops suddenly in front of them? Or how about a car parking on the roof edge of a skyscraper with the new Park Assist? It’s all there and so much more too. So go and check out I think you will be pretty impressed.
This is the future of Motoring and it will only continue to Evolve.
This is a sponsored post.

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