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An Unusual Compliment

On Wednesday morning I received an email which took me by surprise. It was somewhat unusual and at the time didn’t quite know what to make of it. But now, I see it as one of the highest compliments I’ve received to date.

The email was from a guy called Steffen Imhof in Germany. I have never heard of Steffen until now but the email header and footer made me take notice. You see, Steffen is a motorsport artist and he had written to me after seeing one of my photographs of the Hankook Mercedes SLS at the Nurbugring. He was enquiring about the use of the photo so he could paint his own interpretation of it. With this, I had to check out his website as I was curious as to what his work was like.

I was pretty gobsmacked. His work was fantastic. The paintings he had created were beautiful and he has done work for some high profile clients. Paintings include classic and modern race and road cars, with the Jo Siffert Porsche 917 a particular favourite. It was easy to see that Steffen was one of the best motorsport artists around. I was flattered that he wanted to use one of my images to recreate in his own style.

Steffen Imhof will be creating his own version of this photo of the Hankook Mercedes SLS

After an exchange of emails an agreement had been made and Steffen will be working with my photo. I am really excited by this and I cannot wait to see how it turns out when he has finished. Nothing like this has happened to me before and those who know me will know that I am not very good at taking compliments. But for me, without anything having to be said, for an artist of Steffen’s calibre to want to use one of my photos is quite possibly one of the best compliments I could receive.

I will of course keep you up to date on the progress Steffen makes, but in the mean time you can see his excellent work on his website here:


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