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Cassie’s Law

On the morning of February the 7th 2011, a young girl was walking through Colchester town centre on her way to the Sixth form college at which she was a first year student. Unbeknown to 16 year Old Cassie McCord, it would to be her last journey to college.

Whilst walking along Head street in the town past H&M, an out of control car mounted the pavement and struck Cassie, crushing her between it and the shop wall. The following day, the teenager was to succumb to her injuries and died in Queens Hospital with her family by her bedside.

Cassie McCord

But what of the driver? Was he drunk? No. Was he a young lad who had passed his test and was showing off like much of the media loves to tell us about? No. Or was he involved in a police chase and lost control in his desperate bid to escape? No. The driver was an 87 year old pensioner. So maybe just a tragic accident you might be thinking. Well maybe. But what makes this story so terrible is that just 3 days prior to this tragic event, Police were called to a collision in which a driver had crashed into a petrol pump on a forecourt endangering many people. The driver in question was the very same driver involved in Cassie’s death.

After the petrol station incident, the driver had failed an eye test and had to be driven home. Police had urged him not to get behind the wheel of his car again, but as the law stands, were powerless to immediately suspend his driving license. Unfortunately, the driver selfishly ignored the police’s advice and continued to drive despite his poor driving ability and eyesight. This was a selfish decision that claimed the life of an innocent victim with a long life full of potential ahead of her.

Now, Cassie’s mother, Jackie McCord has started a petition to push for a change in the law to give police the power to immediately suspend the licences of drivers who’s ability behind the wheel falls below an acceptable standard until a full medical examination can be held to confirm their ability to drive. This campaign is fully supported by Essex Police and like all petitions, needs 100,000 signatures before a debate can be heard in the House of Commons. So please just spare a couple of minutes to fill in the online petition via this link:

If a law like this already existed, a young girl would not have had her life so tragically taken away.  So please do your bit to try and stop this from happening again.


2 responses

  1. marc brown

    I drive hundreds of mile every week with the job i’m in. Out of all the stereo types of driver you can get, i have witness & encountered most of my problems with the older driver. I hope the outcome of this petition is successful.

    March 4, 2012 at 4:28 pm

  2. emma

    In spite of all the sadness, emotions and feelings I cannot begin to understand, alone stands a greatness. I hope that you succeed with this and I wish you the very best. x

    March 9, 2012 at 8:54 pm

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