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Drinking Games

With some time till the motorsport season gets into full swing, a lot of you are probably trying to think of something exciting to fill the void. As Christmas and New Year are now just a memory, you may still have some left over alcohol kicking about and for those of you who received a motorsport review DVD as a Christmas present you can now take part in my newly devised drinking games.

Harvey - Mates with Kettleboro

The rules are quite simple and there are two variants of the game. A British Touring Car Championship drinking game and a British Rally Championship drinking game. To play either all you need is the corresponding review DVD for either championship and plenty of alcohol which you may or may not have left over from the Festive and New Year period. For the BTCC game simply stick on a recent review DVD and select your drink of choice. Then, every time Tim Harvey mentions Clerk of the Course Bob Kettleboro you simple down your drink as fast as possible. For the BRC version, the rules are similar although this time you down your drink each time Robbie Head does a piece to camera, beside a stage, holding a mobile phone or stopwatch and refers to timing the gap between each car through by saying ‘The splits are on’

Robbie Head - Loves a Stopwatch

These are great games to play with friends on a Friday night when you can’t decide whether to go out or not, and additionally, you can play the BTCC game live during the Sunday coverage on ITV4 for extra excitement. For those of you who are really hardcore you can always play the live F1 game. Simply play along during any live Formula One race screened on the BBC and down a drink every time Eddie Jordan says something stupid. I will point out that this game is not advisable for those who really want to see the race as by partaking in this game will mean that you will more than likely be in an alcohol induced coma, or worse, in hospital having your stomach pumped even before the race has started.

At this point I will point out that responsibility lies solely with the game player and I will not be held responsible for and long term side effects and health issues connected to playing this game.

Please Drink Responsibly.


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