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Alter Ego

This weekend my Alter Ego will be off to Rockingham to photograph the British GT and F3 championships after a couple of weekends away from being trackside and it can’t come soon enough.

My Alter Ego at Silverstone

I say alter ego because as a photographer I am a different person to the one in my day job. Unfortunately my day job is totally different to being a photographer and I like to keep the two very separate. So much so that my boss doesn’t really know what I get up to at weekends and neither does any other people I come into contact with at work. Whereas over time I have become to despise my day job for many different reasons, I love my photography and being trackside so I like to keep them apart. I always look forward to being trackside, photographing great cars and racing and catching up with some good friends I have made during my time as a motorsport photographer. Whereas on the flip side, I dread going to work especially after a great weekend behind my camera. I am currently looking for another job but that is a whole different story!

It has been a little while since I was last taking photos of the Britcar championships at Snetterton and since then my main camera has been sent off to the Nikon repair centre which turned out to be quite a farce. I have developed a slight scratch on the filter in front of my sensor which is sometimes noticeable on photos. Very much like dust spots, it is more noticeable on photos where a slower shutter speed is used. Whilst not totally ruining the camera it is still somewhat annoying and something I was hoping cold be fixed. Having sent the camera off, I had to wait over a week for Nikon to tell me they had received it and that a quote would follow soon. A few more days passed and I had eventually received a repair quote. A whopping £1,700! This was unexpected as I thought the filter could be replaced easily. Needless to say I did not go ahead with the repair and I am still waiting for the camera to be sent back.

In the mean time a new camera has been purchased which I will be putting through its paces at Rockingham. It will be my second visit to the circuit this season having been there for Britcar in April. It’s a unique circuit, run on an oval and infield section, that divides opinions but I don’t mind the circuit. The fact that it is hosting the return of the British GT series, after a long break, means I’m looking  forward to it even more as you all know how much I love GT racing.

The Britcar Championships were at Rockingham in April

So whilst I will be heading into work tomorrow with a heavy heart, my thoughts will be on the weekend and one of the few things that helps me through each day. Also, it is just one month to go to the Britcar 24 hour race. I cannot wait!


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