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You Look Different

Have you ever been in a situation whilst on a night out, you notice an extremely hot girl that you can’t help but keep staring at? And whilst staring you get the feeling you recognise her? Then it hits you. It’s the girl who lives down your road or it’s the girl you go to college with? The same girl you’ve seen walking her dog, or wandering between lectures in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? Only this time, she’s done her hair, put on her make-up, is wearing a figure hugging dress and wearing killer heels which make her legs look like they go on for miles. Does this sound familiar? You take notice because all of a sudden you realise how gorgeous she is, right?

Well this happened to me recently. Twice in fact, and ever since it has been playing on my mind. The girl in question? The Audi R8.

I’ve never really been interested in the R8. It just seemed to be an average supercar. Similar Audi styling you see on various other Audi models and nothing much to make me stop and stare. That was until I was at Donington a couple of weekends ago and more recently, Snetterton last weekend. At Donington, entered into the Dutch Supercar Challenge races was an Audi R8. I didn’t think much about it whilst browsing the entry list until I saw it. Wow! It was beautiful. A vision of Red and Black. The R8 had made me stand up and take notice.

After seeing this, I took notice.

It happened again at Snetterton. Having not been at Oulton Park for the first round of the British GT championships, it was the first time I got to see the two United Autosports Audi R8 GT3 cars in the flesh. They looked awesome. Everything a GT Race car should be, aggressive but sleek at the same time. They sounded good too. But what was it that transfixed me and left me staring? To be honest I don’t know. Maybe it was the racing body kit, the huge rear wing or the vented GT40 style bonnet. Or maybe it was just something simple, a decent livery or a combination of them all. Whatever it was, they looked fantastic and I had noticed.

The United Autosports Audi R8

This got me thinking. A good livery on a race car can make big difference to how the car looks. Stripes, straight lines, swirly patterns, two or more different colours, can all change not only the look of the car but also the perceived design of the car.

Evora would look better in Green & Gold

A nice colour scheme will ultimately prove popular among fans and can be liked more than the next car because it looks better. I know some colour schemes can be down to the team sponsors and perhaps this might force a car to be a specific colour. But sometimes, a sponsor can create a colour scheme that is just perfect. I am of course referring to the light blue and orange Gulf colours. It has become iconic and makes any race car noticeable. It is world renowned and has probably become the most famous livery of all time, particularly within GT and endurance racing. There are of course many other Iconic colour schemes throughout motorsport history, but there have been some howlers too and some that just don’t look right. One example within the British GT championships is the two GT4 Lotus Evora’s. They run in a red and white livery which I don’t like much. I know that they would look a lot better in the iconic British racing green with gold trim.

The Iconic Gulf colours are instantly recognizable

Another topic of thought led me on to the fact that within motorsport, there seems to be the ability to make your average day to day road car look so much better when it’s race prepped. The addition of a body kit, aerodynamic improvements, lowered suspension and big spoilers is something every Chav or Wideboy tries to add to his old Vauxhall Corsa or Ford Escort to make it look ‘Cool’ yet fails miserably.

The Group B 'Metro' 6R4

Rallying is probably the best example of motorsport that can turn your average family run-around into a pure monster. The new WRC cars have turned the humble Fiesta, C3 and Fabia into objects of desire. You wouldn’t give another glance if you passed a Fiesta in the street, but if you saw the WRC version drive past, you may well have had an accident in your pants! Within GT racing, they improve what are usually great looking cars in the first place. Much like being the stylist for Kiera Knightly or Katy Perry, they already look great so you can’t go far wrong, but within rallying, you get given Susan Boyle and Janet Street-Porter to work with! For example, let’s face it, the Metro was a rubbish looking car, but the 1980’s group b 6R4 car was just incredible! Everyone loved it. It had been pumped so full of steroids, its veins were on the verge of exploding. It was a shadow of its former self, but everyone noticed it. There are many examples and I could go on for ages, but I won’t. We all have our favourites.

Throughout history, motorsport has been taking normal cars and turning them in to real head turners. This time motorsport has for me, made me turn my head and notice the Audi R8 and I’m glad it has.


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