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Try Something New

It’s been a little while since my last blog but to be honest, surprisingly I haven’t had much to talk about of late. I will just say at this point how glad I am that I have not been blinded and I still have my eyesight. Those of you who know me or follow me on twitter will know that last weekend was my Brothers Stag Do and we went paintballing. I’ve never been paintballing and have never had any urge to do so thanks to that famous episode of Byker Grove where PJ got blinded. OK, so I was young and TV can be quite impressionable but it scared the hell out of me and have never wanted to go paintballing because of it. However, it was a great day, despite a few bruises, I really enjoyed it and I can still see!

So on to this weekend and It will be a busy one for me. I will be covering round two of the MSA Britcar Endurance Championship at Rockingham on Saturday, and then I will head off to Donington to cover the BTCC on the Sunday. Amazingly, I have never been to either of these circuits thanks to other commitments and events going on etc so I look forward to it. You can be sure I will bring news from the weekend in my next blog.

A range of Cars are on show in the Britcar Series

Most people know about the BTCC but maybe less so the Britcar series. I cannot emphasise enough what a great series it is and is well worth going along to see if you fancy watching something different to the high profile events. Over 50 cars have registered for the series this year and 44 took to the track at Silverstone last time out. There are two categories, the GT class for the big Moslers, Ferrari’s Lamborghini’s and Porsches among others and the Production class for cars like M3 BMW’s Seat Leon Supercopa’s Honda Civic’s and Lotus Elise’s. A great selection of cars are on show and some really close racing throughout the field can be seen. If that wasn’t enough, tickets are cheap and the atmosphere is great, particularly at the 24hr race that takes place at Silverstone in October. For those who didn’t know, it was the Britcar 24 hour race that the Top Gear guys took part in a few years ago in the diesel BMW.

The draw of large series events is huge and it is good to see the crowds at motorsport events, but some great racing can be seen in a lot of other smaller series that don’t get the television or media coverage that some do. Who knows, you could be watching the superstars of tomorrow at these smaller events. So here’s a challenge to those of you who love to watch live motorsport. If you have a free weekend and are not sure what to do, why not head down to your local circuit to watch one of these smaller race series in action. Something that you may not necessarily be aware of. With so many different race events taking place each weekend you are sure to find something that takes your fancy. With adult tickets costing as little as £10 it is a very good value day out.

There are many great lesser known race series available for motorsport fans such as MSVR's Lotus Cup

Finally, Trackside Views has been included in a list of top car blogs by Longlife Exhausts. They want people to vote on their favourites, so if you like my ramblings, then feel free to cast your vote here.


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