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Juke Challenge

The generosity of others cannot be underestimated. What started out as a joke on Twitter has now turned into a pledge of £50 to Comic Relief. In return for what? Well here’s the story.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know there is one new car that I really hate. Some say hate is a strong word, but in this case it’s just not strong enough. It is the worst car I have ever seen and I mean EVER! It is ugly and pointless. What is the car? It is the new Nissan Juke.

I mentioned Comic Relief on Twitter this week and the new twitrelief thing where people bid to have a celebrity follow them on the popular social networking site. I had a reply one follower, @OldGrumpyTroll said he would give me £5 to the charity if I drove a Nissan Juke. My response was that I’d pay more not to drive one. That £5 was upped to £25, but I still didn’t want to. However, with the £25 doubling to £50, I couldn’t refuse. To me and a lot of others £50 is a lot of money and would go a long way to help Comic Relief.

So, with a call to Glynn Hopkin, the Nissan Dealers in Colchester they agreed to let me drive the motorised monstrosity. What’s more, I need to put up a photo of me behind the wheel as my Twitter and Facebook profile picture for 90 days. Photos and a Video will be taken for evidence.

I will be driving this hideous machine.

So as one person has been so kind as to donate a large sum for me to do this, I have set up a comic relief donation page for anyone else who would like to chip in. Now I know some may not be convinced by donating towards me driving a car so I will be making it worthwhile to anyone who does donate. If you donate even just £1 on my page towards Comic Relief then you will be in with a chance of winning a framed A3 sized motorsport print of your choice from my collections. You can’t say fairer than that surely? A pound to a very good cause and the print could be yours. When the final total has been reach I will also be donating to round the figure up to the nearest £10.

So please support a great charity by donating anything you can and feel good that you are helping such a good cause. You can visit my Juke Challenge page here.

On a final note, Today we have all seen the devastating pictures from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and my thoughts are with those who have been caught up in this and affected by it in anyway.


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