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How Fair Is Insurance?

As I write this blog entry, I ought to add a disclaimer before you read on. The views on the following topic are solely my own and whilst I do not wish to upset readers, I sincerely hope you appreciate my opinion, do not take anything personally and except I am not discriminating against anyone.

Insurance has hit the news twice recently as you may well know and I just wanted to put my opinion on the matter forward as they are both issues I feel strongly about.

The first matter is that of the EU wanting to make it illegal to discriminate against your sex when it comes to insuring your car. This has caused a lot of discussion and an obvious divide on opinions. Obviously as a male this has come a bit late to have any effect on me but I would like to raise a few matters. Yes, the stats state that more men have accidents than women. No, the stats don’t take into account the fact that there are more men on the roads than women so there is a higher chance of an accident involving a male than a female. Secondly, young women have been very vocal in their disgust of this issue as it means they will have to pay more.

Not all young drivers are Boy Racers

Let’s have a think about this. Women have always fought for equal rights, they do not want to be discriminated against or treated differently to men and rightly so. This is only fair and I have been bought up to respect this and treat all people as equal. So why are they happy for a young man to be discriminated against because of his sex? Women also moan about the increase in retirement age. It is still less than that of a male despite a female having a higher life expectancy. Surely there retirement age should be the same at the very least. That’s only fair right?

Back on topic, Yes, there are boy racers out there but there are also girl racers. Yes there are some young lads who drive like idiots and have accidents but there are also young women who drive like it, but why should all young lads be tarred with the same brush? Instead of causing arguments between men and women about who is or isn’t the best driver the onus has to be put with the insurance company. I have heard young women on the radio and TV lately stating that it’s not fair because I have never made a claim and I am good driver so why should I be punished. There are young men who have never made a claim too you know, and does not making a claim make you a good driver? If you have not made a claim then the insurance company should be rewarding you with no claims discounts. This should help you keep your insurance down. I say should as last year I protected my no claims discount, however my insurance still went up this year. So instead of arguing and complaining it’s not fair, put that energy into something that would be more beneficial. Shop around for your insurance. If you are not happy with the premiums or the way you are being treated by your company look elsewhere for your insurance. These companies want you to be their customer so tell them if you want a better deal and you’ll go elsewhere otherwise. The companies will soon be battling out for your custom.

The second matter regarding Insurance in the news is the Government’s new initiative is to fine uninsured drivers £100 if caught, then confiscate the car if you are caught a second time. This makes me very angry. Is this really a deterrent for uninsured drivers? These people are the reason insurance is so high in the first place. They don’t care if they crash into someone leaving the victim to pay the price and they don’t care if their car gets taken away as they can get another one for a few hundred pounds.

Now unlike the previous insurance topic above, this really is not fair! I have had to pay thousands and thousands of pounds on my insurance in my 10 years of driving, mostly to cover the cost of these selfish people who think it’s ok for them to drive without insurance. If they can’t afford the insurance then don’t have a car. I’ve had to go without stuff to be able to pay for my motoring so what makes them think it’s ok not to pay? How would they feel if someone smashed into their car and they had to foot the bill because the culprit couldn’t be bothered to pay for their insurance?

Tougher punishments should be bought in to deter the ininsured

A £100 fine is no deterrent as it would probably cost more than that per month in insurance. If it was down to me then the fine should be huge. More than the cost of a year’s Insurance, so at least £5,000 plus a driving ban on top of that. Having no insurance is dangerous and irresponsible and should be really stamped out. The police need to do more to sniff out the uninsured and the punishments should be exactly that, a punishment. That way motoring will become fairer and insurance premiums should drop.

So there, I’ve said it and got it off my chest, but I’d like to hear your thoughts. Am I the only one who feels this way about both issues? Feel free to leave a comment.


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