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There were two big unveilings today. Well big for me anyway and one of them was probably the worst kept secret ever!

The first of which was Porsche’s new 918 hybrid race car. Normally, I hate hybrid cars. Not because I’m not interested in saving the planet, but because all hybrid cars are rubbish. They look rubbish, perform rubbish, are made of recycled rubbish, and are just generally horrid! Why can’t car companies make hybrid cars look, well, normal? Why can’t they make a hybrid car look like something you would want to own? Surely more people would by them then and that will actually help towards saving the planet. I’m looking at you Toyota and Honda!

So guess what. Porsche have made a hybrid car. A racing hybrid car. It doesn’t look normal either. Oh no, far from normal. This thing is tremendous! It is absolutely beautiful. Porsche are well known for making great racing cars and they have done it again. More importantly Mr Toyota and Mr Honda, this is a hybrid car you want to own! Although you won’t get the chance to in its current racing guise.

The New Hybrid Porsche 918

I cannot wait to see this vehicle in action because it is truly a sight to behold. I haven’t got this excited about a racing car since, err, well since Audi launched their new R18 which wasn’t that long ago to be honest, but it is great to see some magnificent racing machines being produced.

I often look at photos of great classic racing cars such as the Jaguar D-Type and the Aston Martin DBR1 and wonder what it would have been like to have seen them in their heyday. But now I feel having the chance to see these cars in action (I hope the Porsche will be entering Le Mans if not this year then next) in years to come I can show my grand children photos of these machines and tell them what it was like to experience them roar past first hand.

Audi's New Le Mans Challenger, The R18

The other big unveiling today was not car related, but to do with one of my other passions. Unfortunately, it’s not a passion I get to indulge in very often due to the expense and I do miss my season ticket at times. I am of course talking balls. Football to be exact and my beloved Ipswich Town.

Paul Jewell was today unveiled as the new manager to take over from Roy Keane. Not a great secret as today’s East Anglian Daily Times had his face plastered on the front page announcing him as the new Boss. Bookies stopped taking bets on him taking over days ago. I however got a little excited when I heard on Radio 5 that Roy Hodgson was a good friend of the Ipswich owner and he might have been a surprise pick. No such luck. I’m sad that things didn’t work out with Roy Keane. I liked him as a manager and he was ruthlessly honest and didn’t blame others such as referees or opponents for bad results. But it’s a results game and Town just weren’t where they should be. I’m not saying they are a Premiership team, far from it, but they really ought to be challenging for the play-offs at least. I’d rather they be in the top six of the Championship than in the Carling Cup semi-finals. I don’t think all the blame should be laid on the manager. After all, the 11 men on the pitch need to perform too. Unfortunately there isn’t much club loyalty with players these days. If their club gets relegated then players just move on elsewhere. The loyalty seems to be with money these days.

So time will tell, and although Paul Jewell wasn’t my first choice, I wish him well at the helm and I hope he can lead the team back up the table and into a new era. Or might that be a new error?


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