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New Year

So as 2011 has arrived at a rapid pace, I have decided to resurrect my blog. However, I’ve gone one step better and started a completely new one. This time it is now a place to write mostly about my photography, motorsport, and my work for The Checkered Flag. Although no doubt I will occasionally write about a few other bits and bobs, and life in general just for good measure.

I’m using a new hosting site so it might take me a little while to get used to it all, but in time I hope to make it a better and of course add in a few visual treats along the way. Also, I would like to hear from you, the reader. Feel free to comment, and leave your thoughts and also let me know if there are certain things you’d like to hear about or want me to discuss.

So onwards into the New Year and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any live motorsport and I’m starting to get impatient. I’ve purchased some more motorsport DVD’s to help me through this difficult time until I’m back out trackside and behind the lens.

On a plus note, I will be heading to the Autosport Show next Thursday and I hear that Lotus Renault or Renault Lotus or The team formally known as Renault or whatever they will be called, are to showcase their new livery. It seems that it will be based on the classic Black and Gold John Player livery so I can’t wait to see it. It will also be great to catch up with some good friends whilst I’m there and maybe join James and Pete, the BTCCCrazy editor and photographer for a Slush Puppy. (An inside joke which may well become apparent when the new BTCC season gets underway).

This year I am really looking forward to seeing the new Snetterton Circuit Layout. This is due for completion in February and will no doubt increase the circuits stature in help encourage larger race series to Norfolk. As a circuit I visit regularly, it will be interesting to see the changes and the further developments in store for the coming months and years. A new video has been released providing an aerial and onboard perspective of the new ‘300’ circuit layout which can be viewed here.

So with my new blog now up and running, all that remains for now is for me to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.
Don’t forget to check back soon for more of my rumblings.


2 responses

  1. Pete Mainey

    Great blog Chris:) look forward to seeing you next Thursday at Autosport … The first slush is on me!

    January 5, 2011 at 5:15 pm

  2. All the best Chris for 2011. Look forward to seeing you on Thursday.

    You’re not going to let that Slush Puppy joke lie down are you? Don’t blame you to be honest. The look on both you and Petes face was so funny. As if you were like “Why the **** has he got one of those”.

    Anyway onwards and upwards and I look forward to seeing you this year.

    January 5, 2011 at 5:27 pm

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